Dental Implants

A permanent and long-term solution to replace missing teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

The next best thing to your natural teeth.

The three components of a dental implant: post, abutment, and crown
The three components of a dental implant: post, abutment, and crown

Would you like to replace one or more missing teeth? Dental implants may be your best option!

Dental implants are the only restoration to replace your missing tooth from root to crown. The result is a natural-looking and feeling tooth that functions just like your other teeth.

At Thompson Family Dental at Nora, our dental implants consist of:

  • A post: This small titanium post is placed within your jawbone. Once healed, it will serve as an artificial tooth root.
  • An abutment: This connects your post to your crown, creating a solid foundation.
  • A crown: Lastly, custom crown is placed to restore your missing toot completely.

With your new smile, you can eat your favorite foods again without discomfort, speak clearly, smile with confidence, and maintain your oral health.

Why Should You Get a Dental Implant?

Here are three reasons why patients and dentists recommend this restorative dentistry treatment.


Dental implants are a long-term investment in your oral health. With proper hygiene and regular dental visits, a dental implant can last for decades – far exceeding the life expectancy of bridges and dentures. The materials used are durable, biocompatible, and resistant to decay.

Multiple Uses

In addition to single tooth replacements, implant restorations also include implant-supported dentures (removable), implant fixed dentures (All-On-4), and implant-supported bridges. Our restorative dentist, Dr. Jiyun Thompson, can help determine which one is best for you.

Prevent Future Problems

By replacing missing or severely damaged teeth with dental implants, you can prevent future dental problems, including teeth shifting, bite issues, bone loss, decay, and trouble keeping your teeth clean. This preventative measure can save you time and money down the road.

Great staff! Dr. Thompson is very knowledgeable. Takes the time to educate you, so you’re comfortable with her procedures. Highly recommend Dr. Thompson and her staff. Treat you like family!

LeAnn M., Actual Patient

Dental Implants Questions and Answers

Here's what you need to know about implant dentistry.

  • What are signs you need a dental implant?

    There are many different scenarios when you can benefit from getting a dental implant. Those may include:

    • Missing one or more teeth
    • Having a damaged tooth beyond repair
    • When a filling or crown is not feasible to restore a decayed tooth
    • Wanting to secure your denture or bridge
    • Desiring a permanent tooth restoration
    • When an implant is a better long-term solution than a root canal

    A dental implant is a versatile restorative option with many oral and overall health benefits.

  • Who is a candidate for dental implants?

    There are a few factors that go into being a good dental implant candidate, including:

    • Age: If you or your child is not fully developed, you may need to wait.
    • Bone structure: You need enough bone to support an implant.
    • Oral health: You will need to be free of decay, gum disease, and other dental problems.
    • Overall health: To ensure a successful procedure and recovery, you must be in good health.

    During your dental implant consultation, Dr. Thompson will evaluate all these areas and openly discuss any limitations with you.

    If you are not an eligible candidate, don’t worry. We will work with you to create a successful treatment plan, which may include periodontal therapy, bone grafts, an alternative restoration, or partnering with your physician.

    Schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate!

  • How painful is a dental implant?

    Getting a dental implant should not cause you pain. Prior to starting the procedure, you will be numbed with anesthesia. You will be closely monitored throughout the procedure to ensure your comfort.

    If you have dental anxiety or fear, you may benefit from sedation dentistry. Sedation can help you relax and make the procedure go by very quickly.

  • How much does a dental implant cost?

    The cost of a dental implant varies. It is typically more expensive than other restorations upfront. However, it can be more cost-effective over time. Why?

    • Dental implants are long-lasting
    • They don’t require ongoing maintenance like bridges and dentures
    • They prevent additional dental problems
    • Most dental insurance policies cover dental implants

    To find out exactly how much it will cost you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson.

  • How long does it take to heal from dental implants?

    The procedure itself requires minimal to zero downtime. Most patients return to work the next day.

    The time it takes your post to heal within your jawbone can take an average of 3 to 6 months. During this time, your bone fuses with the post to create a strong, artificial tooth root.

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